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- Model RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer



Gulf Coast Environmental Systems designs, builds and installs various types of thermal oxidizers. Matching the right technology with our customers process needs is paramount to any successful abatement project.


Why Consider an RTO?

RTO technology delivers low operating costs for high air flow, low volatile organic compound (VOC) fume streams. Rather than allowing the clean hot air to exhaust to atmosphere, the RTO unit captures up to 95% of the heat prior to exhausting it to atmosphere.

How Does The RTO Process Work
Step 1:The RTO unit is brought up to combustion temperature using supplemental fuel such as natural gas, propane, diesel or bio-fuel. During this start up period, the RTO unit initially purges itself with fresh air and continues to process fresh air until it reaches combustion temperature equilibrium. The RTO unit is now ready to switch over to process air and begin the thermal oxidation of VOC with destruction efficiency up to 99%.

Step 2:The RTO switches from start-up mode running on clean air to operating on VOC process air from the source. To maximize heat recovery, the RTO will automatically cycle or alternate the inlet and outlet (see diagrams below) via a series of pneumatic valves.

Because the RTO is so efficient at reclaiming effluent heat, the units often times are capable of sustaining combustion temperatures without any supplemental fuel, utilizing the VOC as the only source of fuel.,

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