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PEI regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) and thermal/catalytic oxidizers (TCO) are custom-designed to thermally or catalytically convert pollutant-laden process exhaust streams into CO2 and water. PEI RTOs and TCOs are ideal solutions for abating VOCs (volatile organic compounds), HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) and/or odors.

Meet compliance requirements with PEI RTOs and TCOs. Both achieve destruction/removal efficiency (DRE) levels of 99+%. RTO systems operate at 1500°F. TCO designs use precious metals catalyst for operation in the 600-800°F range depending on the specific process. TCO designs significantly reduce CO2 and thermal NOx emissions.

Alternate operating modes in the TCO system. First you can operate in the catalytic mode to save on fuel. Then, if economics dictate, you can make an on-line switch to thermal operation instead of replacing deactivated catalyst. This flexibility allows you to respond quickly and economically …with absolutely no loss in production or compliance.

Regenerative heat exchange canisters in RTOs are packed with heat transfer media; for TCO systems, a layer of specially designed catalyst is added. Both designs recover 95% to 99% of the available energy. For solvent loadings less than 4% LEL, TCOs are recommended, for 4% LEL and above, RTOs are more economic.

PEI will provide total project responsibility from emissions evaluations, assistance in permit process through design, fabrication, installation, start up and performance testing and permanent total enclosures (PTEs). Your needs are met through single-source responsibility.

  • 1500°F operating temperature
  • Up to 99% destruction efficiencies
  • Up to 95% thermal energy recovery
  • Heat exchanger media
  • Complete MMI control system
  • Internal modem for remote diagnostics
  • Fast-acting, tight-sealing poppet or butterfly valves
  • Pro-Combustion System

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