- Model 10m3 - Skips and Containers



Side and side plates 3 mm thick S235 steel. S235 steel bottom plate 4 mm thick in one part. Substantive ties at 300 mm. Belt upper tube welded continuously 140x80x3. Truncated corners for easy emptying and strengthen the posts. Amounts of UTP section 120x60x4 all 710 mm. Lateral security for the opening of doors. Front hook reinforced by a beam of large cross section. Scale on front and back door. Reinforced rear roller bushings. Reinforced door hinges with grease fittings Ø 20 mm. Door closure backlash mounted on a shaft Ø 30 mm. Brackets covering the entire circumference of the bucket. Painting: Two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of polyurethane varnish

Interior dimensions:

  • Length (mm): 5500
  • Width (mm): 2300
  • Height (mm): 800

External dimensions:

  • Length (mm): 5900
  • Width (mm): 2540
  • Height (mm): 1100

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