Reliasource 6x6T Above Ground Lift Stations



The ReliaSource 6x6T above ground lift station is the newest addition to the Gorman-Rupp line of fully customizable, compact and pre-engineered packaged stations. This unit comes standard with all the existing features of the 6x6, but with an additional 3’ of height allows for more options. The new confi guration accommodates more sophisticated controls like Reduced Voltage Solid State (RVSS) Starters and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). The added space also allows for easier access to routine maintenance items, such as check valves, plug valves, gauges and air release valves. The ReliaSource 6x6T comes standard with two removable side door panels which provide easy access to pumps and motors. Incorporated into the design are split opening doors on the pump suction and control side of the station. The new door arrangement is confi gured with the bottom half opening to the side (similar to the classic 6x6) and the upper gas-shocked, hinged door lifting overhead. This half also serves as an awning offering protection from the elements during maintenance.

The ReliaSource 6x6T fiberglass enclosure accommodates two Super T Series 2” to 6” pumps or two Ultra V Series pumps up to 4”. The taller enclosure allows for increased hydraulic capabilities with fl ows to 1475 GPM and pressure to 160’ TDH, as well as motors to 50 HP.

With over 40 years of station building experience, you can rely on Gorman-Rupp’s expertise throughout the project planning process. And since this entire station was built and tested at our facility, it bears the ReliaSource name and boasts an industry-leading 60 month warranty.

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