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- Model VRK - Compact Filters



The construction design of the compact filters combines the advantages of bag-type filters and pleated panel filters. They are designed for demanding fine dust filtration from supply air. The compact construction design enables a high stability of the filter and thus a high load-carrying capacity.

The employment can be implemented in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, in cleanroom technology, as well as in process-air systems. As a result of the 25 mm flange profile, an easy installation in the system is possible.

The relationship of upstream to the filter-media surface area is approx. 1:50. As a result of this, compact filters achieve above-average service lives with high raw-air concentrations of particularly fine particles, and are thus mainly suitable for high nominal airflows.

Our compact filters fulfil the current international Standard DIN EN ISO 16890.

DescriptionFilter groups / Filter classes
  • ISO ePM10-ISO ePM1 / M6-F9


  • stable, two-sided hot melt-sealed filter plates
  • closely pleated, progressively-structured filter media
  • synthetic, multi-layer micro-spunbond
  • INTERMELT pleating system


  • rugged KALTHOFF filter casing of black plastic
  • 25 mm flange profile
  • installation depth: 292 mm

Modern system designs with variable airflow

  • high dust-holding capacity
  • resistant to high humidity
  • arbitrary installation position enables easy installation
  • high filter efficiency with low pressure drop

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