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Kalthoff panel filters consist of a pleated, or also flat-laying, filter media in a frame. The synthetic nonwoven processed in the panel filters are manufactured from polyolefins, which are largely mechanical and chemically inert, and thus suited for a FDA and GMP-conforming production of pharmaceuticals, as well as foodstuffs.

The utilisation of the Kalthoff FIBERPLAST frame enables a fully-synthetic design, whereby the filter is hygienic and moisture-proof, as well as fully combustible.

The filters are effective, long-lasting and easy to handle. As a result of low installation depths, they can be used in conditions where space is restricted, whereby a high level of spatial use is enabled. This is particularly desirable in case of decentralised systems, as well as process-air systems, so that they are increasingly employed in these settings.

Our panel filters meet the current international Standard DIN EN ISO 16890.

DescriptionISO groups / Filter classes
  • ISO Coarse-ISO ePM10 / G4-M5


  • pleated, progressively-structured filter media
  • thermally-bonded, synthetic nonwoven (polyester)
  • hot-melt pleating system


  • synthetic FIBERPLAST frame
  • standard installation depths: 20, 25, 47, 92 mm
  • special design with different frame geometries

  • simple handling
  • maximum filter-surface utilisation using INTERMELT-pleating system
  • long service lives
  • low pressure drop
  • moisture-proof
  • fully combustible
  • free from binding agents, solvents or dyes

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