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- Model NECOR - Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Using Mobile Bed Activated Sludge



The NECOR is a total-oxidation system based on biological purification by means of moving-bed activated sludge from wastewater. This compact, high-purification-performance unit for treating wastewater from small and medium-size communities complies with the requirements of Royal Decree 606/2003, the European Regulation of Council Directive 91/271/CEE, the European Regulation CE appendix ZA EN 12566-3, treatment effectiveness, treatment capacity, watertightness, structural and durability performance test (Prefab Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants Up to 50 H.E.). These units are manufactured according to standards BS-4994:1987 from 15 H.E. (included) and 5 and 10 H.E. units with “hand-lay-up” flat-rolling.

IT Consists of Three Compartments:
Decanter: In this one, settling and sedimentation occurs of a large part of suspended matter present in wastewater. Anaerobic bacteria metabolize part of the organic matter, gasifying, hydrolyzing and mineralizing it. The decanter also separates the typical fats found in water likened to domestic water.

Biological reactor: Different reactions take place in the biological reactor, which are necessary for the biochemical breakup of organic matter. To enable these reactions, oxygen must be provided to maintain aerobic conditions in the reactor and to create the necessary air flow to keep the biomass suspended. The plastic filler present in the reactor, which is mobile thanks to the action of the air, allows the biomass to be retained, attaching it to its surface, favouring the breakup of organic matter.

Clarifier: The sludge from the reactor is decanted, preventing the evacuation of suspended matter. The settled sludge is recirculated to the primary decanter.

Equipment Tested in Pilot Plant

  • Patent No. U 201031138 BOP 11.03.2011
  • Necor 5 with numéro d'agrément Demand CE marking. no. 2013-008

Single-phase installation.
All models with a pump-driven recirculation system are supplied with a programmed electrical panel.

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