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- Model SBREM - Sequential Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant With Nutrient Removal



Compact, high-purification-performance unit for treating wastewater from small and medium-size communities that complies with RD 606/2003 and European regulations of Council Directive 91/271/CEE. These units are manufactured according to standards BS-4994:1987 from 10 H.E. The SBREM is a sequential system based on biological purification by means of the activated wastewater sludge in the reactor clarifier.

The filling, reaction, settling and evacuation stages occur sequentially in a single compartment or unit:

  • Filling: Reception of a specific volume of water from the primary decanter by pumping or air-lift for models 5-20 H.E.
  • Reaction: The reaction stage combines aerobic phases (with presence of oxygen) and anoxic phases (with absence of oxygen) that eliminate organic matter and nutrients.
  • Sedimentation: During this phase, and in the absence of stirring and aeration, sludge sedimentation occurs, with the sludge being left at the bottom and the clarified part at the top.
  • Emptying: The treated water, which is between the sediment layer and the floating elements, is evacuated by pumping or airlift for models 5-20 H.E

In addition, the SBREM system incorporates a primary homogenizing decanter prior to the reactor that retains fats, oils and larger-size solids.

Single-phase installation.

Equipment Tested in Pilot Plant
Patent No. U 201031140 BOP 11.03.2011

Three-phase installation.

Single-phase installation.

All models are supplied with programmed electrical panel. The SBREM 51 and 75 models are not fitted with a
recirculating pump. For higher SBREM please consult the Remosa technical department.

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