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- Model Roxplus - Wastewater Treatment Plant



The ROXPLUS regeneration plant is an ensemble of systems for the treatment of wastewater likened to domestic water to obtain reuse-quality water through membrane technology. The system complies with the requirements of Royal Decree 1620/2007 of 7 December, which establishes the legal status of treated water reuse. These units are manufactured according to standards BS-4994:1987 (British Standard Specification for Design and Construction of vessels and tanks in reinforced plastics).

  • Compact system: Oxidation, filtering by means of membranes and recirculation in a single equipment unit.
  • Considerable savings in mains water.
  • Reuse of water for irrigation, lavatory flushing and outdoor cleaning.
  • Helps to conserve the environment.
  • Attributes of the membrane bioreactor compared to conventional ultraviolet treatment:
    • High performance and purification reliability to obtain reuse-quality water.
    • The membrane bioreactor is impervious to sedimentation problems.
    • The membrane operates as a selective physical barrier that blocks the passage of suspended matter and
    • microorganisms. In contrast, ultraviolet light loses absorption capacity when the water contains suspended solids.

The System Operates According to the Following Stages:

  • Biological oxidation: Biological breakdown of organic matter takes place in the biological reactor thanks to incoming air and the generation of aerobic microorganisms. In contrast to total conventional oxidation, the reactor works with higher concentrations of solids, thus requiring more oxygenation, and with greater sludge age, higher purification performance is obtained.
  • Filtration: Solid-liquid separation occurs by filtration through membrane technology. A suction system exerts vacuum pressure on the membranes, creating an inside-outside flow in such a way that the water penetrates through the membranes, with the solids and bacteria left outside on the external wall. The diffusers create an ascending air flow that cleans the external wall surface of the membranes and ensures aerobic conditions.
  • Recirculation: Return of sludge to the reactor to equalize concentrations.
  • Chlorination (optional): The treated water is chlorinated by dosing with sodium hypochlorite, which conserves the sanitary properties of the effluent, ensuring the reuse of water in residential use.

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