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Remote Drive Side Channel Blowers


The Dutair aluminium side channel ventilators are also available with a bare shaft. These are particularly suited to mobile use and where an electricity network is not available. The drive mechanism is powered by combustion engines or hydraulic engines. Higher capacities can be achieved with the direct drive by using a V-belt drive to operate at higher revolutions. This can also be done with a separate electro engine.

Other advantages of side channel ventilators with a bare shaft, include:

  • lightweight due to use of aluminium
  • corrosion-proof aluminium
  • friction-free operation, thus no wear to the ventilator
  • oil free, thus no maintenance
  • feature noise-dampers as standard, for low noise levels
  • universal gas pipe connection at inlet and outlet
  • large choice of capacities and pressures
  • vibration-free and pulsation-free operation
  • multiple uses in pressure or vacuum applications

Application examples include extraction in mobile cleaning installations, vacuuming in tanks for milk or waste water, boosting air flows in wood chippers, façade cleaning machines.

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