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- Remote Monitoring Units (RMUs)


Abriox offers a radically new way to collect and manage gas distribution pressure data – remotely. OSPREY completely eliminates manual data collection of pressure data, saving time and money. It also massively improves the quality of pressure data - leading to gas production savings, improved gas network efficiency and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through leakage.

OSPREY is a fully automatic system comprising:
  • Permanently deployed, intelligent monitoring units incorporating GPS for identification of location and precise time synchronization of data
  • Remote communication via GPRS for reports, alarms and data download
  • Integration of the data into a software platform (PressureTrac®) that can be interfaced with the model used by the gas utilities and with their in-house business systems
OSPREY Remote Pressure Monitors (also known as Remote Monitoring Units - RMUs) can be used for:
  • Network validation - the annual process whereby pressure data, recorded at various points, confirms the accuracy of a sophisticated computer model of the gas network. This model is the basis for network planning
  • Investigations of poor pressure – responding to customer calls, monitoring the variations in pressure to the household or industrial premises and assisting in the timely resolution of the complaint
  • System maintenance – ensuring that pressures are maintained at the correct level while work on the gas network is carried out
  • Calculation of average system pressures over long term periods – OSPREY has a minimum 5 year battery life and holds 10 years of data at standard logging intervals
  • Monitoring third party feed-ins to the gas network, such as from bio-methane or fracking
  • Monitoring the intermediate pressure input to district governors (with alternative sensor pressure range 0-10 bar)

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