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Remote Sampling ISP Kit



When remote and flexible monitoring with no fixed sampling point is needed, the Remote Sampling Isokinetic Sampling Probe (ISP) Kit a I lows for samples to be taken while maintaining the integrity of the measurement. The ISP Kit uses a length of sample tubing to connect the sample point to the impaction plate, and is ideal for minienvironment sampling applications such as RABS, Laminar Flow Cabinets and Blow-Fill-Seal/Form-Fill-Seal settings.

  • Enables operators to collect biocontamination samples remotely
  • Designed for small compartments like Blow-Fi I l-Sea l/Fo rrn-Fi ll-Sea I
  • Can be used with MiniCapt® Mobile units in compliance with ISO 14698-1
  • Autoclavable stain less steeI components

  • Dual connection BioCapt® impactor head for remote and flexible sample collection
  • Precision-cut slits in the BioCapt impactor head ensure laminar flow
  • Kit includes ISP probe, tubing, impactor head, lid, lid cap and o-ring

  • Viable air sampling in Blow-Fill-Seal/ Form-Fill-Seal
  • RABs and Laminar Flow Cabinets
  • Cleanroom biocontamination monitoring
  • Isolator monitoring
  • USP 797 environmental viable airborne particle testing

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