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A reservoir must have a cylindrical structure of housing with thin walls, made of screw-reinforced, overlapping sheets, with double-sided epoxy coating. Basic structural elements of casing are the sheets, screwed connections, as well as reinforcing angles and connection materia

The sheets of a reservoir must be made of steel, the minimum yield point of which is fy,kk = 300,00 Mpa. The main thickness values for a standard –type reservoir  are 3,0mm, 4,0mm, 5,0mm and 6,0mm. Double rings can be used in the main structure of reservoirs of larger volume.

The dimensions of main sheet of casing:

  • Standard measurements of casing sheet: 1,480m width x 2.755m length (whole sheet) 1,480m width x 2,820m length (double row);
  • Half-height sheet: 0,730m width x 2,755m length (half of sheet) 0,730m width x 2,820m length (double row);
  • Half-length sheet: 1,480m width x 1,346m length (short sheet).

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