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Residual Pollution Rehabilitation


We supply plant for ground water and soil/air decontamination. Our plant rehabilitates contaminated ground water on site, thus directly in the aquifer or with „pump and treat“ processing plant. Depending on the task, suitable combinations of different process engineering may be necessary. Each plant produced is newly designed and developed by our engineers according to contamination data and permissible threshold values. As a result a technically viable and economically thought through total concept is generated for our customers.

Operating the plant is fully automatic. On request status and interference notices can be sent by SMS or E-mail. Naturally also process visualisation, data storage and long-distance maintenance are possible, a feature which is normally only available with industrial plant. Operational safety is increased through installation of telemetry at a minimal additional cost. Through pre-information the customer saves in the course of operation, since the extent of maintenance on site is kept to an absolute minimum.

Where there is a requirement for plant over a limited period we can offer our clients ready to use standard equipment which can be rented at short notice.

For the operating materials water and activated carbon we provide exchangeable mobile filter cartridges. By this means the disposal of the exhausted carbon is insured. Handling involving concentrated coal dust on site with high personnel costs is avoided.

As a special feature we offer an operating scheme in which our personal take care of the running of the complete plant with contractually guaranteed availability at a fixed cost.

The following pages give an overview of the current process engineering. If required, our process engineers will develop additional techniques.

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