- Model CG8-BL - Water Softening Resin - Gelular, Sulfonated, Polystyrene Cation Resin



ResinTech CG8-BL is a premium grade, high capacity, gelular, sulfonated, polystyrene cation resin supplied in the sodium or hydrogen form as moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. RESINTECH CG8-BL-HP is intended for use in all water softening, dealkalization, deionization and chemical processing applications.

  • Complies With FDA Regulations
    • Conforms to paragraph 21CFR173.125 of the Food Additives Regulations of the F.D.A.*
  • Complies With USDA Regulations for Potable Water Systems
    • Meets standards for use in systems operating under the Federal meat and poultry products inspection program.
  • NSF/ANSI-44/61 Certified
    • WQA Gold Seal Certified when ordered as CG8-BL-HP
  • Highly Uniform Particle Size, Low Pressure Drop
    • 16 to plus 50 mesh range; giving a Lower Pressure Drop while maintaining Superior Kinetics.
  • Superior Physical Stability
    • 93% plus sphericity and high crush strengths together with a very uniform particle size provide greater resistance to bead breakage.
  • Low Color Throw

* For potable water applications, the resin must be properly pre-treated, usually by multiple exhaustion and regeneration cycles, to insure compliance with extractable levels.

  • Polymer Structure: Styrene Crosslinked with DVB
  • Functional Group: R-{S03)'M-
  • Ionic Form, as shipped: Sodium or Hydrogen
  • Physical Form: Tough, Spherical Beads
  • Screen Size Distribution: 16 to 50
  • +16 mesh {U.S. Std): < 5 percent
  • -50 mesh {U.S. Std): < 1 percent
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Sphericity: > 93 percent
  • Uniformity Coefficient: Approx. 1.6
  • Water Retention:
  • Hydrogen Form: 47 to 54 percent
  • Sodium Form: 42 to 49 percent
  • Solubility: Insoluble
  • Approximate Shipping Weight:
  • Hydrogen Form: 50 Ibs/cu.ft.
  • Sodium Form: 52 Ibs/cu.ft.
  • Swelling Ca+2 or Na+to H+: 5 to 9 percent
  • Total Capacity:
  • Sodium Form: 1.9meq/ml min
  • Hydrogen Form: 1.8 meq/ml mini

  • Maximum Temperature
    • Sodium Form: 280-F
    • Hydrogen Form: 265-F
  • Minimum Bed Depth: 24 inches
  • Backwash Rate: 25 to 50% Bed Expansion
  • Regenerant Concentration:
    • Hydrogen Cycle: 10% HCI or 1 to 8% H2SO4
    • Sodium Cycle: 10% to 15% NaCI
  • Regenerant Flow Rate: 0.5 to 1.5 gpm/cu.ft.
  • Regenerant Contact Time: At least 20 Minutes
  • Regenerant Level: 4 to 15 pounds/cu.ft.
  • Displacement Rinse Rate: Same as Regenerant Flow Rate
  • Displacement Rinse Volume: 10 to 15 gallons/cu.ft.
  • Fast Rinse Rate: Same as Service Flow Rate
  • Fast Rinse Volume: 35 to 60 gallons/cu.ft.
  • Service Flow Rate: 2 to 10 gpm/cu.ft.

The Sodium cycle operating capacity of RESINTECH CG8-HP for hardness removal at various regeneration levels with an influent calcium/magnesium ratio of 2/1 and a hardness level of 500 ppm, as CaCO3, is shown in the following table:

The following table shows the hydrogen cycle relationship between operating capacity and regeneration level when using sulfuric acid as the regenerant:

The capacity data is based on an acid concentration of 2 percent in order to avoid calcium sulfate precipitation. Higher operating capacities could be obtained using a stepwise increase in acid concentration to avoid the calcium problem.

DEMINERALIZATION - RESINTECH CG8-BL can be used in multiple and mixed bed demineralizers with strongly basic anion exchangers such as RESINTECH SBG1P, SBMP1 and RESINTECH SBG2.

SOFTENING – RESINTECH CG8-BL is ideally suited for industrial softening applications because of its high capacity and good physical stability.

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