- Model VA22 - 2-port Motor-driven Ball Valve



The 2-port motor-driven ball valve RESOL VA22 is produced according to international standards and offers universal application possibilities in heating, warm water, solar and irrigation systems. A large number of application possibilities in the field of energy distribution is provided to the user.

Compact size, modern design, insulated actuator housing. Simple manual control for commissioning or emergency operation. Universal electrical connection by integrated relay (220 ... 240 V~). The control is effected via an on-off contact. The limit switch signal output can be used for control purposes (max. 1 A). The position of the ball valve is visible with the indicator flag (white). The actuator can be replaced quickly without demounting of the valve. No flow reduction, full flow according to the versions DN25 and DN32.


  • Ambient temperature: 0 ... +50 °C
  • Operating voltage: 230 V~
  • Motor: Synchronous motor
  • Load for limit switch: 5 (1) A, 240 V~
  • Nominal power: 7,5 VA max.
  • Insulation class: II insulated
  • Protection type: IP 44
  • Actuation time: 30s /90°
  • Operation mode: open - closed
  • Torque: 6 Nm (max. 8 Nm)
  • Electrical connection: 4 x 0,5 mm²


  • Maximum temperature flow/return: 0°C ...+120 °C
  • Nominal pressure: PN 15 (max.PN 16)
  • Valve connection: IT on both sides
  • Flow: full flow, according to nominal width NW.
  • Valve: pressed brass (CuZn40Pb2)
  • Valve connection: brass (CuZn40Pb2)
  • Valve spindle: brass (CuZn40Pb2)
  • Valve ball: brass, hard-chromium-plated
  • Ball sealing: PTFE-ring teflon sealing
  • Spindle sealing: 1 x O-ring EPDM, 1 x O-ring Viton and 1 x O-ring PTFE
  • Sealing spindle to valve: 1 x O-ring EPDM, the axial stress between valve spindle and slot is compensated by another sealing.

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