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Retro Rocket



Introducing the revolutionary Retro Rocket, the only do-it-yourself rocket system that allows you to retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth-walled bins with farm proven Grain Guard aeration.

  • Easy, two person 'do-it-yourself' installation 
  • Retro fits your existing smooth-walled or bolt-together hopper bottom bin with the market's top performing aeration system
  • Delivers air to the center core of the bin where desired the most
  • Lightweight computer modeled, farm tested design
  • Unique folding design allows unit to be placed inside bin with minimal effort
  • Unit features simple detachable hinges, allowing it to come apart and fit through smaller bin openings one section at a time, as well as quick reassembly and installation once inside the bin
  • The same performance and advantages of the Classic double walled Rocket
  • A more robust three leg design for increased resistance to side loads resulting from uneven grain flow when unloading bin

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