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- Reuse System for Processing Water



AQUA’s Curieau system has been developed as a production or reuse system for processing water from biologically pre-treated wastewater. The processed water can be used for cooling towers, truck and crate washing and other secondary systems, with no direct contact with end products. Not only does water reuse minimise a company’s water footprint, it also contributes to their green image. Water reuse is the best solution in areas with water shortages.

The Curieau system comprises the following basic processing steps:

  • Coarse media filtration: this first essential treatment step removes any remaining solids in the effluent from the (existing) biological wastewater treatment plant. These filters can be used as single or multilayer systems (e.g. sand and sand-anthracite filters).
  • Oxidation tank: the second step ensures that any remaining polymer residues are oxidised using a strong oxidation agent to prevent them from having any impact on the rest of the process.
  • Activated carbon filter: to remove any free chlorine residues after the oxidation tank, water is passed through an activated carbon filter.
  • Ultra-membrane filtration (UF): instead of using an oxidation tank and an activated carbon filter, UF can be implemented as a single, high standard pre-treatment step for reverse osmosis. UF can also be carried out as part of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system. UF serves as the first step in creating a multi-barrier for pathogens.
  • Reverse osmosis installation: water is pressed through special membranes. Given that only water can pass through these membranes, monovalent ions and bacteria are rejected.
  • Marble filter: the marble filter adds hardness to the water again, making it less corrosive.
  • UV disinfection: the last step in the production process kills any remaining bacteria to prevent biological activity in the distribution network.

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