AQUAtechs Srl

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems for Seawater


The need of pure water for drinking and process purposes is increasing in step with the technological progress. AQUAtechs technicians have more 25 years of experience in the reverse osmosis desalination since 1975 when this technology was at the beginning of its commercial developing.

AQUAtechs markets the following plants:

  • Standard Desalination Plants SeaRO.
  • Standard Desalination Plants for brackish water.
  • Skid mounted or containerised Mobile and Autonomous Plants.
  • Emergency Units.
  • Our units can be assembled up to 1000 m3/day in a special container which make it easy for the transport, installation and assembling to battery limits of the customer.
  • AQUAtechs can supply plants operated independently by electrical energy supply, using electro-generator or wind power.
  • The plants are fully automatic and are controlled by PLC unit that continuously monitors all the main proprieties of the feed and potable water.

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