Reverse Osmosis Systems


Membrane separation process that is capable rejecting contaminants the range of 10-4 milimetres. Reverse osmosis is the finest possible filtration, be described as diffusion-controlled process in which ions mass transfer through the membrane is diffusion controlled. Consequently, this process may lead to removal salts, hardness, pathogens, turbidity, synthetic organic, pesticides, and most drinking water contaminants known today.     Rejection of dissolved salts in reverse osmosis membrane is between 95 and 99.9%.

High purity water.
Easy to install and expand.
Simple operation.
Not generate aggressive effluents.
Environmentally friendly.
Not required feedbacks.
Low operating costs and maintenance.

Implementing field this technology is extensive, most common are:

Pharmaceutical industry.
Electronics industry.
Manufacture of food and drink.
Chemical Industry.
Agricultural and livestock industry.
Labs & cosmetics.
Water treatment for steam generators.
Water treatment for industrial processes.
Cooling towers.
Distilled water, double distilled and triple distilled.
Water for Injection (WFI).
Ice production.
Water purification.
Seawater desalination.
Recovery wastewater.

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