Rexa, Inc.

- Model X2D-Series - Damper Drives



The REXA X2D Damper Drives allow for modulating duty cycle and precise positioning independent of load variation. Hydraulic pressure is generated by an internal positive displacement gear pump driven a stepper or servo motor with no limitations on starts, stops, or reverse cycles. This self-contained electro-hydraulic system locks the cylinder in place when no movement is required. This minimizes wear-and-tear on moving components and eliminates unnecessary power consumption.

  • Electraulic Technology™
  • Rotary rack-and-pinion hydraulic cylinder
  • 90 or 120 degree rotation (other rotations available)
  • Drive base pedestal and drive arm (custom heights/lengths available)
  • Position feedback device
  • REXA control enclosure

  • Self-contained, positive pressure hydraulic system
  • 100% modulating duty cycle rated
  • Fail-safe capable (spring fail or accumulator)
  • Deadband adjustable from 5% to 0.1% (optional to 0.05%)
  • Input signal: 4-20 mA analog
  • Repeatability: < 0.1%
  • Resolution adjustable to < 0.1%
  • Linearity correctable to < 0.05%
  • User-friendly, push-button calibration

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