- Model DN 100-300 - Sliding Valve



Without self-cleansing effect.Suitable for agriculture (manure system) and fish farms.Materials:Valve body: PEHD 500.Valve plate: Steel EN 1.4301.Pressure: On-seating pressure.DN 100-150 4 bar, DN 200-300 2 bar.Operation:Manual or with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

RIA GV sliding valve for unidirectional fuid pressure.

The valve is designed with a self-cleansing function for impurities to ensure total closing of valve plate. Viton O-rings seal against the steel plate. The valve is mounted directly in the pipeline using a system of connectors. The sliding valve is an on/off valve for manual operation via a lever that can be kept in the open position.

RIA GV valve can be incorporated in the pipeline in and outside manhole systems, with construction using levers and HDPE protection pipes for buil-up that pass through the manhole cover.

The valve is suitable for installation in the ground without protection because its chamber is made of corrosion- free materials. Areas of use: Slurry in the agricultural sector.

  • On- seating pressure.
  • Max working pressure:
    • DN 100-150 - 2 bar
    • DN 200-300 - 1 bar
  • Temperature: -50°C - +80°C.

  • Valve body: HDPE 500
  • Valve knife: Stainless Steel EN 1.440, EN 1.4462
  • Stem: Stainless Steel EN 1.4404, EN 1.4462
  • Sealing: VITON
  • Subshaft sealing: EPDM
  • Seat ring: NBR / EN 1.4404

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