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- Model NEX DE Series - Multi-position EDXRF Spectrometers


As premium high-performance benchtop EDXRF elemental analyzers, the Rigaku NEX DE Series spectrometers deliver wide elemental coverage. Non-destructively analyze sodium (Na) through uranium (U) in almost any matrix — from solids and alloys to powders, liquids, and slurries.

The Rigaku NEX DE Series high-performance EDXRF spectrometers deliver routine elemental measurements across a diverse range of matrices — from homogeneous liquids of any viscosity to solids, thin films, alloys, slurries, powders, and pastes. NEX DE Series analyzers are versatile and equipped with a 60 kV, 12 W X-ray tube, and a high-throughput silicon drift detector (SDD). The SDD detector supports count rates over 500K cps, resulting in low limits of detection. For your small spot analysis needs, the NEX DE VS model additionally offers a high-resolution camera and automated collimators to allow for precise positioning of your sample for the analysis of 1 mm, 3 mm, and 10 mm spot sizes. These features, combined with the advanced QuantEZ software, provide unparalleled performance for both bulk (NEX DE) and bulk and small spot (NEX DE VS) analysis. Whether the need is basic quality control (QC) or its more sophisticated variants such as analytical quality control (AQC), quality assurance (QA), or statistical process control like Six Sigma — NEX DE Series analyzers are the reliable choice for rapid non-destructive elemental analysis of sodium through uranium.

  • Analyze sodium (Na) to uranium (U) non-destructively
  • Powerful QuantEZ Windows-based software
  • Solids, liquids, alloys, powders, and films
  • High-resolution camera
  • 1, 3, or 10 mm analysis spot size
  • 60 kV X-ray tube for wide elemental coverage
  • FAST SDD® (silicon drift detector) for superior data
  • Six automated tube filters
  • Unmatched performance-to-price ratio
  • Optional RPF-SQX fundamental parameters

*FAST SDD is a registered trademark of Amptek, Inc.

Broad range of applications

Catalysts | Cement | Coatings | Environmental | Education | Geology | Metals & Alloys | Mining & Refining| Paint & Pigments & Pigments | Petroleum | Plastics | RoHS | Wood | Wovens & Non-wovens

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