Pompe Ferrari s.n.c.

Pompe Ferrari s.n.c.

- Model NT 80 - Right-Handed Helical Impeller Pumps for Tractors



Right-handed helical impeller NT 80. Power range from; 45 to 65 HP and 33 to 47 KW.

Pumps series NT are exactly what you need for your sprinkler irrigation system.Connection is performed between its cardan shaft and the tractors power takeoff from 18 to 180 HP 13 to 130 KW.

The various pump models and the wide range of graduated ratios allow users to match the right fitting to their tractors power takeoff from  540 to 1,100 revs/min.

Pumps series NT are comprised of:

  • A MULTIPLIER that includes a pair of cylinder-shaped gears, helical hardened and cemented teeth, installed onto heavy-duty roller-type or ball-type cone-shaped bearings.
  • CENTRIFUGAL PUMP equipped with a carefully balanced impeller to avoid vibrations. Impeller is installed onto a hardened, cemented and ground shaft.
  • Thanks to the multiplier oil-bath lubrication and to the water-circulation cooling system, temperature does not raise much, thus allowing a long-timed machine operation.
  • A wide range of ratios makes series NT compatible with all models of tractors, both Italian and foreign.

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