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- Wireless Fog Monitor


FOG Monitor is the world’s first wireless smart meter monitoring solution for grease interceptors! Riptide Tek FOG Monitor – a new smart meter technology that monitors FOG levels in grease interceptors in order to provide real time data which will let you know when a grease interceptor is full and ready to be pumped. Riptide Tek is developing and bringing to market, smart data communication technology that allows liquid handling customers to automatically improve efficiency, reliability, sustainability and economics of their FOG management process.

The FOG Monitor smart meter determines interceptor FOG and sludge levels and wirelessly send the information to a display panel showing exactly how much material is present.

The display will send out an alert when the FOG level has reached a pre-set level and that a pump-out is require. Saving the FSE pumping costs from frequent pump-outs and damages due to overflows.

  • Reduce sewer line maintenance costs due to blockages
  • Avoid the costs and political embarrassment of sewer overflows
  • Modernize and optimize municipal enforcement efforts
  • Access residual FOG – a no cost, green energy source

The smart-meter determines interceptor FOG and sludge levels. Facility managers, pumpers/haulers and enforcement officials are informed when a pump-out is needed. It records grease and sludge level data, and displays level data on a monitor panel showing exactly how much material is present in real time.

Save on Cost
Avoid expensive pump-outs and plumbing costs.

Avoid Closure
Avoid blockages that lead to business closure and loss of customers.

Maintain Good Standing
Retain good relations with enforcement officials.

Gain Real-Time Data
Real-time data of your interceptors can be quickly and easily accessed.

Maintain Brand Image
Maintain your business’ brand image.

Be More Environmentally Conscious
Prevent damages to the environment due to sewer overflows.

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