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The RiverSonde is an affordable, non-contact monitoring system providing continuous surface velocity measurements for streams, channels, and rivers. Data output from this system can be used in conjunction with other data sets or as model input for calculation of discharge. It is also ideal for monitoring river movement during flood events and in disaster planning. This system is designed for operation at river's edge, in populated or remote locations. Robust hardware and software allow automated operation and data processing, even under extreme weather and/or vessel traffic conditions when other in-situ devices routinely fail. Development began at CODAR Ocean Sensors in 1999 with funding from the US Geological Survey (USGS), whose aim was to see a non-contact alternative to present stream gauging methods. The RiverSonde is now commercially available.

Convenient: Nothing in the water: a truly non-contact sensor. All hardware is located on land close to river's edge.

Reliable: All system hardware and software are developed by our own staff specifically for continuous, long-term field operations, and consistent data outputs.

Remote Access: Data retrieval, system monitoring, parameter modifications and even factory support are all conducted through remote system access. (communication link required)

Low Power: RiverSondes low power consumption allow for working off-the-grid with alternative energy sources.

Cross-Platform Data Format: All data products are stored as ASCII files for convenient data transfer to various computer platforms.

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