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Robotic Mass Comparators



Outstanding Performance using Robotic Weight Handling. Efficiency, productivity, and accuracy are key attributes of the a_Line robotic mass comparators. Thanks to the robot and a magazine of up to 100 weights, calibrating weight sets or single weights runs automatically, without manual intervention. Productivity improves and uncertainty is reduced.

Reliable and Fast

State-of-the-art robotic technology combined with world-class mass comparators delivers proven reliability and outstanding measurement performance. With up to 100 weight magazines and weighing cell resolution of up to 110 million points, METTLER TOLEDO a_Line systems are tuned for performance.

Minimize Error Sources

The separate detached weighing frame stops vibrations from reaching the mass comparator. This allows the weighing cell to operate at full performance with outstanding repeatability .

Maximum Efficiency

Increase efficiency by combining up to 4 robotic systems covering the full range from 0.1 μg to 20 kg. Together with up to 100 positions per system, the 4 simultaneous systems maximize productivity and minimize human error.

Smooth Processes Through Vibration-Free Weight Handing

Our robots offer highly sophisticated 3-axis ball bearing technology. Ultra-precise centering and smooth, vibration-free handling of weights within seconds is assured year after year.

Environmenal Recording

The Klimet A30 or ClimaLog30 accurately measure and record environmental parameters. In combination with the Efficiency Pack, air density can then be calculated, thus enabling compensation for air buoyancy influences.

Efficiency Pack

Improve throughput by pre-programming multiple tasks and having the automated or robotic mass comparator execute them sequentially. Gain accuracy through post-processing of air buoyancy data.

a_Control Professional Software

Enhance the capabilities of your robotic mass comparator to run upward and downward calibrations independently. Execute weight dissemination of various decades completely automatically.

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