- Heavy Duty Digger Derrick Auger



One Inch (1”) Lower Cutting Head flighting with full ID beveled weld. Heavy Duty Three Eighths (3/8”) Thick Upper flighting. Top Flight Stiffener aids against bending top flight on auger. Industry leading 4” x 3/8″ wall 85,000.00 ultimate yield Center Shaft. New Fail Safe Hex Hub with Patent Pending Boss Design whereby eliminates weak, inconsistent but welds. All New Patent Pending “Flow Through” BT500L Rock Pilot Bit that facilitates high penetration rates and increases your linear footage.

  • Single Row
    For use in fracturable hard materials, shale, hard pan, concrete, asphalts, limestone, dolomite.
  • Double Row
    For use in fracturable and non-fracturable hard materials, limestone, concrete, dolomite, schist, lava type rock, for Hard Drilling, our double row design is the best overall rock auger design available. Long life, minimizes vibration and shock load to the digger truck while providing high penetration rates.
  • Progressive
    For use in highly fractured or fracturable rock and conglomerates, excellent choice for river rock and slate type drilling conditions exist.
  • Spiral
    For Use in Extreme Drilling conditions such as coble rocks, chert, conglomerates and caliche where others fail to drill and beat your equipment up. Our unique carbide tooth engagement provides high production in these most difficult conditions.
  • Step-Type Rock Auger
    For use in native limestone, caliche and sandstone, concrete and hard shale. Often, a step type blade auger will produce greater results over that of conical bullets on smaller drilling equipment. Runs smooth and is economical to drill with. The rock blade auger will produce a cleaner hole faster than bullet teeth and has predominantly been used in utility line construction and rural electric cooperatives. The R5000 and R4000 along with the TK55c teeth have been staples in the industry for many years.
  • Custom Tooling
    We have over 30 years of experience designing and providing custom auger tooling drilling systems around the world. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your next project requiring special applications or design. Belltec products are better by design. Give us the opportunity to help you be more profitable. Call and talk directly with our expert team.

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