Roll Press Pack


Mobile high pressure round baler with Ver pack ungseinrichtung


Pressing and packaging of waste, raw materials and recyclable materials of all kinds
especially for high-calorie fuels according to RAL-GZ 724, 191212, shredder light fraction SLF, spare fuel EBS , SBS , RDF, SRF, Fluff
Commercial and industrial waste
Corn and Zuckerrübenschnizel
Waste storage for household and commercial waste
Emergency interim storage, in case of failure of incinerators, fires, environmental disasters


  • The substance is to be packed vorgeschreddert depending on the waste type and size of property
  • There are different fractions sieved
  • Through a shredder or belt feeder, the material is passed into the press
  • By the orbital motion of the press belt, the material is flexed, uniformly strongly compressed and the air pressed out
  • The formed bale is wrapped in a net and thus fixed
  • The bale is transferred to the film wrapper and wrapped airtight with stretch film
  • Then discharged via a conveyor belt

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