IDM Agricultura Rentable

IDM Agricultura Rentable

Rollable Hose Reel



Rollable hose reel with remote control. The input of the hose is connected to the water tank. The output of the hose is connected to the spraying trolley. To release the hose we activate the reel with the remote control. When we reach the end of the row of plants, we press the remote control to reel in the hose and we open the valve to start spraying. When we come back to the front of the plant row, we close the spraying valve and stop the hose reeling in with the remote control unit. We press the forwards button on the cart to move it to the next plant row. Turning the speed selector button, we can select different independent speeds to release or reel the hose.
To drive the cart, a platform is provided with a steering wheel and speed selector. To transport the cart long distances we can provide a small trailer for it.

  • Hose length: 100 m.
  • Remote control reach: 150 m.
  • The spraying trolley has two masts with nozzles than can be adjusted to the crop width. We can add nozzles depending on the crop height.

  • Homogenous spraying application from the bottom to the top of the plant, from the first plant to the last one
  • Labour cost saving. Just one person can do the spraying himself.

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