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Tuke and Bell is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sewage purification equipment with ninety years experience in design and production. The latest computer aided design systems are used to produce a wide range of high quality equipment, serving the needs of both the water industry and domestic customers. The Rolls Rotary crude sewage pump was first designed and built by Tuke & Bell in the 1950’s, and became an overnight success. Thousands have been supplied all over the world, many of which are still operating today with minimal maintenance. The Rolls Rotary is ideal for delivering small quantities of crude sewage, and is easy and inexpensive to service.

The pump is mounted at ground level and is suitable for dealing with sewage from isolated houses, office blocks, garages, warehouses, etc., and especially for discharging to package sewage treatment plants such as Biostats, Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC’s), BAF and SAF plants, when a gravity sewer is not available.

The Rolls Rotary is a glandless, positive displacement pump. The shaft is eccentric which provides orbital movement of the rubber rotor, extremely quiet in operation and requires minimal maintenance. No lubrication is necessary.

  • Positive displacement
  • Suitable for pumping from houses, office blocks and many other locations
  • Ideal for discharging to package sewage treatment plants such as rotating biological contactors.


Only a single 1.1kW motor is required, either single or three phase supply. The pump, motor and control panel are mounted on a common bedplate which has anti-vibration mountings and includes suitable integral control equipment. Single or duplicate pump sets can be provided for installing in a building or a purpose made housing. 80mm suction pipes, gate valve and non return valve are also included. Overall size of a single arrangement is 1.295m x 1.295m x 1.525m high. Duplicate 1.830m x 1.295m x 1.525m high.


The capacity of the pump is normally 1.131 l/s and can be de-rated to 0.55 l/s by simply changing pulleys and belts. Total pumping head is 10.5m with a maximum suction lift of 4.5m. Delivery main can be 50mm or 80mm bore. Pump body is manufactured in close-grain cast iron, side plates from stainless steel, rotor and deflector moulded neoprene rubber. Total weight of a single pump system is 120kgs and 220kgs for the duplicate. Installation is usually completed in one day and, if required, servicing can be carried out by one of our own experienced Engineers.

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