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- Extended Aeration System



The RollsAIR, RollsAIR XL, and RollsAIR XXL Extended Aeration Systems are “Activated Sludge” systems utilizing a complete, aerobic treatment process. The complete RollsAIR System is a packaged, large residential or commercial property, WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) scaled-up from decentralized technologies – which has both a lower capital cost and operations and maintenance costs than existing sewerage-type or centralized systems. It is designed to be the simplest to install, operate, and maintain wastewater treatment system of its type. Engineered with non-corrosive, proprietary devices, the RollsAIR provides robust performance…FITT for the purpose intended.

The RollsAIR, RollsAIR  XL, and RollsAIR XXL Extended Aeration Systems offer a cost-effective method and versatility to treat larger flows for a multitude of applications:

Using the patented MyTEE Grit Screen in the “headworks” zone, the MyTEE deflects non-soluble solids and screens out the trash and settles grit in the vault. All non-biological screened and settled items require periodic- NOT daily maintenance from the MyTEE Vault. The easy maintenance of the MyTEE’s patented Clean-in-Place swab alleviates the need for manual raking from non-biological solids.

The “Aeration” zone uses the non-clogging, LIXOR submerged aeration devices to provide large amounts of oxygen and mixing to rapidly grow aerobic bacteria. The treatment process at the front end of the zone continuing as the water flows to the back end of the zone prior to the submerged header clarifier(s). This mixing action “rolls” from one or both sides and Plug Flows through the length of the aeration zone.  The submerged “effluent clarifier” does not require regular brushing of scum and algae.


  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Clustered Subdivisions
  • Housing Developments
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Military Facilities
  • Communities/Villages
  • Small Municipalities


  • Restaurants
  • Schools/Universities
  • RV & Mobile Home Parks
  • Resort Areas/Hotels
  • Highway Rest Areas
  • Country Club/Golf Courses
  • Office Parks / Shopping Centers / Grocery stores
  • Food/Beverage Facilities

All items within the plant are operated by simple, robust, quiet, low-maintenance blowers mounted within engineered enclosures.


  1. Wastewater enters the treatment system.
  2. Natural separation and settling processes occur in the primary settling zone.
  3. In the primary settling zone for most large residential and commercial applications, a MyTEE® device is used to prevent large solids from entering the treatment zone.
  4. A remote, above-ground blower introduces air (oxygen) into the treatment module to facilitate a robust circulation of wastewater rolling side to side with plug flow path.
  5. Bacteria in the aeration zone become an abundant, diverse, self-regulating population of microbes that consistently metabolize the incoming waste.
  6. Clear, odorless, treated water is ready for standard and innovative dispersal.

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