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- Model XL & XXL - Extended Aeration Wastewater Treatment System



The RollsAIR, RollsAIR XL, and RollsAIR XXL Extended Aeration Systems are “Activated Sludge” systems utilizing a complete, aerobic treatment process. The complete RollsAIR System is a packaged, large residential or commercial property, WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) scaled-up from decentralized technologies – which has both a lower capital cost and operations and maintenance costs than existing sewerage-type or centralized systems. It is designed to be the simplest to install, operate, and maintain wastewater treatment system of its type. Engineered with non-corrosive, proprietary devices, the RollsAIR provides robust performance…FITT for the purpose intended.

The complete RollsAIR System uses the MyTEE in the “headworks” zone, to screen trash and settle grit. The MyTEE Screen deflects non-soluble solids to stay in the vault. All non-biological screened and settled items require periodic – NOT daily maintenance from the MyTEE Vault. The easy maintenance of the MyTEE’s patented Clean-in-Place swab alleviates the need for manual raking from non-biological solids.

The RollsAIR Extended Aeration System is pre-engineered with non-corrosive, simple to install, robust performance, easy to maintain proprietary devices. As an “Activated Sludge” treatment system utilizing an aerobic, suspended growth treatment process, it is designed to be the most simple, low cost, robust system of its type.

It is recommended to check what local regulations are required in case additional information is needed.

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