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Amalgamated Instrument Co Pty Ltd

Rota-Pulse Flow Sensor


The Rota-Pulse paddle wheel type flow sensor uses a proven principle of flow measurement. The FS-RPFS is designed and manufactured in Australia and is suitable for a wide range of measuring, monitoring and batching applications. The FS-RPFS has only one moving part and its limited intrusion into the pipe combined with its flow through design allows accurate measurement of liquid flow with each blade (4 blades in total) of the rotor extending approx. 1cm into the flowing liquid. The FS-RPFS generates a pulse output with a frequency relative to the velocity of the liquid. The FS-RPFS incorporates internal amplification. No magnets are used thus eliminating the jamming of the rotor by iron particles. The rotor is constructed from a special chemical resistant marine grade alloy running on a tungsten carbide axle.

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