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- Sequencing-Batch-Reactor Process Systems


Waste water treatment plants set up by ROTARIA operate according to the SBR principle (Sequencing-Batch-Reactor). This way of treatment is a variation of the standard biological activation process. In contrast to the standard process using one basin for each step of treatment, the SBR process combines all waste water treatment steps in one basin by staggering them. The SBR basin is a combined reaction and sedimentation facility. In it, the treatment phases, e.g. aeration, mixing, sedimentation and pumping, are PLC controlled and can be adjusted to suit the individual process needs.

The SBR process offers a number of advantages:

  • Variations of the flow rate basically have no impact on the process quality. The process is independent from the volume of flow.
  • Compensation of variations in input concentrations.
  • Sedimentation without any flow.
  • Easy to extend if the amount of waste water increases.
  • High treatment capacity.
  • Easy to extend if the amount of waste water increases.

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