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Rotary Air Separator (RAS)


The Nihot Rotary Air Separator (RAS) separates waste materials (fractions) from the conveying airflow by passing it over a perforated screen. A few advantages of the Nihot Rotary Air Separator: It has a stainless steel separator screen to prevent dust to become electro static, i.e. self cleaning. Fully sealed, dust free operation. 3 large hatches for easy access for inspection/maintenance purposes.

  • As a stand alone system in specific airflows like paper or cardboard. Possible to place it directly above a baler.
  • In combination with a Nihot Windshifter to separate the light fraction from the airflow.
  • To separate any light fraction from the exhaust airflow from a Windshifter and/or Drum Separator to prevent particles to enter the filter unit.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic film
  • Wood chips
  • RDF / SRF
  • Film vacuum systems
  • in secondary airflows:
  • Light fractions from windshifters
  • Light fractions from Drum Separators
  • Light fractions from WEEE separation
  • Light fractions from glass clean up

The waste materials are separated from the conveying airflow by passing it over a perforated screen.

  1. The clean airflow is discharged horizontally into a filter unit or returned to the main air system in close loop.
  2. The separated materials are vertically discharged via a rotary valve for further processing.

The Nihot Rotary Air Separators are supplied in various sizes ranging from 22.000 m3/h up to 55.000 m3/h airflow. Those type of separators process fractions from 5 up to 200 mm.

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