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Rotary Dryers are suitable for continuous drying of powdered minerals in mining, crushing, concentrating and flash smelting plants. In rotary dryers using the direct heating principle, heat is transferred to the material mainly by convection.

Each drying application is an individual case and the sizing of the dryer is based on the long experience of similar applications and on the laboratory tests of drying.

The rotary dryers are divided into two types depending on the flow directions of the dried material and drying gases. The choice between a concurrent and a counter-current drum is made according to the properties of the dried material

  • Drying degree
  • Specific heat
  • Moisture evaporation capacity
  • Flammability
  • Sintering properties

In the supply of large rotary drums and kilns, Kopar cooperates with Hollming Works. Hollming Works is a large Finnish engineering & manufacturing company, with a division in Parkano. In these joint projects Kopar takes care of the engineering, project management and commissioning, Hollming being the specialist in heavy fabrication and machining. The workshops of each company are located almost side by side which makes cooperation flexible and easy.

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