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- Model RI - Rotary Incinerators



The Surefire RI range of rotary incinerators have been developed for the efficient destruction of a wide range of wastes on a continual basis.

For the continuous 24/7 disposal of medical / general / animal remains and high moisture wastes such as sludges, pastes and sewage.

From 100kg/hour to 4000kg/hour

Automatic via a ram loader, feed hopper, screw conveyor or shredding system.


The rotary incinerator will be of a co – current or counter current design, selected to suit the specific waste stream.

Waste for incineration will be introduced into the static feed end. The rotary combustion chamber is constructed as a cylindrical refractory lined drum, inclined towards the de-ashing end. The drum is supported by four heavy-duty rollers. The whole assembly is fitted to a skid constructed from steel beams, to enable the unit to be transported in one section.

Fitted externally to the drum is a heavy steel tyre, which engages with a geared motor drive. To provide optimum rate of movement of the waste through the primary chamber, the drive is speed controlled via the control system to provide the ideal rotational speed. Internally the drum is lined with an abrasion resistant refractory castable and a back up insulation board. Constructed into the refractory are several “lifters”, to ensure that waste having high moisture content is forced to tumble during rotation, rather than slip down the chamber walls. This tumbling action is the technique that promotes intimate mixing of the waste with the combustion conditions, hence promoting extended residence of waste within the drum, ensuring optimum combustion and high quality ash.

During operation, waste is processed through the primary chamber at a speed dictated by the speed of rotation. A primary ignition burner and a series of air jets will provide the necessary heat and combustion air to sustain combustion.

To prevent the ingress of “tramp” air into the chamber, the junction between he rotary chamber and the static load end and the static ash vestibule will be fitted with seals.

These seals will be propriety rotary incinerator leaf sprung seals to ensure a permanent seal irrespective of expansion rates. The combustion process renders the waste to ash and it is manoeuvred along the length of the primary chamber until it finally drops into the de-ash vestibule.

At the base of the ash vestibule is a hydraulically operated refractory lined door. Ash is retained within this zone, where additional air is added. This completes burn out of any residual carbon and cools the material in preparation for discharge. After a predetermined period the hydraulic door opens, the discharge conveyor starts and ash is released into a conveyor hopper below the vestibule. After a period of several seconds the door is closed.

Ash is transferred from the discharge area into an external sealed container. Once full the container is removed to landfill. Combustion gases within the chamber are drawn up into the secondary chamber via the gas transfer duct.

  • 24 hour operation
  • Heavy steel construction
  • 1600°C grade hot face refractory lining
  • Calcium silicate insulation
  • Temperature controlled burners
  • Hydraulically operated hearths in cascade
  • Forced combustion air
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent Ash quality
  • User friendly controls
  • Auto ash discharge

  • Available to fire natural gas / lpg / diesel / kerosene / waste oil / bio fuels / tallow
  • Energy recovery

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