Roto Disc Leaf Screener



Flow rates for large capacities, up to 500 l/s. Designed to meet the needs of fish farmers for screening at the site inlet. Made entirely using 304L or 316L stainless steel (for sea water).

Main features :

  • Flow rate up to 500 l/s
  • 0,55 Kw motor
  • 2200mm diameter disc, 10mm or 20mm mesh as standard
  • Rotation speed : 4 turns/minute
  • Electrical box and submersible rinsing pump supplyed

Strengths :

  • Efficiently removes residues and waste carried by the incoming water
  • Can be installed in channels < 1 metre wide
  • Optimised rinsing systems for water saving
  • Robust machine construction
  • Low maintenance with the ROTOCLEAN technology mounted on our drum filters for 10 years

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