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- Slurry Reel System



The Rotomax slurry reel consists of a reel that is coupled to the back of the tractor. The reel is fitted with a hose with a maximum length of 700 metres and a maximum diameter of 5” (125 mm), which supplies the slurry from any store such as a container, tank or pit. This guarantees optimal slurry flow and maximum hourly throughput capacity. Interim transport to a slurry pit or silo is now a thing of the past, as fields only need to be entered and exited once. This result in less disturbance to fields and farmland, and less wear on causeways.

During slurry spreading the hose can be unwound from the reel and laid beside the machine using the swivel arm coupled to the reel. As the hose is not dragged along it remains still, thereby enabling the use of a lighter tractor when working. In turn, this prevents traction damage to soil, as well as increasing the life cycle of the hose. The system can also be used to apply slurry to row-crop fields. Because this method also prevents soil smearing and grass quality remains optimal as a result, the slurry reel can be deployed throughout the entire season.

With a relatively low dead weight and an optional pressure-change system for tires, soil compaction and structural degradation are kept to a minimum. This means that the slurry reel system can be deployed early in the season; also on soils with a lower load-bearing capacity and wet conditions. The excellent manoeuvrability ensures that headlands can be dressed properly. The slurry reel is also extremely suitable for use on smaller parcels of land. Starting up and stowing away takes up a minimum of time, as the hose is alternatively reeled and unreeled during slurry application. The hose can easily and quickly be cleaned using compressed air and water from the pump unit.

Swivel arm
The reel is fitted with a swivel arm that guides the reel hose and lays it alongside the machine. As a result, the hose lies still and is not dragged across the field. The swivel arm can be operated electrically to move it into either the transport or working position.

Pressure-driven valve
The Rotomax is fitted with a pressure-driven valve that automatically shuts off the system when the pump pressure cuts out. As a result the reel hose maintains constant pressure so that the hose rolls up neatly.

Integrated tyre pressure-change system
The Veenhuis slurry reel can be optionally fitted with a fully integrated tyre pressure-change system.

  • Length in mm 11.500   
  • Width in mm 3.000   
  • Height in mm 3.920   
  • Hitch height in mm 550-600   
  • Suited for umbilical systems on   
  • Diameter of supply hose in mm 4'/4,5'/5'   
  • Tyreheight in mm max. 2.100

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