- Rotomite 6000C Abrasion Resistant Dredge

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Rotomite 6000C - Rotomite 6000C Abrasion Resistant Dredge

SRS Crisafulli’s newly offered all purpose Rotomite 6000 CE (R6CE) dredge, designed for customer convenience, safety, and productivity, engineered for a full range of dredging applications from soft to highly abrasive slurries, powered by an external electrical source at the customer’s electrical utility facility. The all purpose Rotomite 6000 C Series dredges offer forward mounted heated & air-conditioned operator’s cab with 360-degree visibility, and the safety guardrail surrounding the dredge. The dredge is also offered at lower cost as a more conventional diesel powered unit, the Rotomite 6000 CD.

SRS Crisafulli, Inc.
SRS Crisafulli, Inc.
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Glendive ,  MT 59330

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