Round Bales


The volume of the bale is approximately 1.25 to 1.5 cbm / bale. Bale weight and density vary depending on the packaged material and depend on: Or the specific gravity of the raw materials, the part size, influenced by shredding, the compressibility, such as wood compared to foams, the moisture, such as changing water levels, the composition of mixtures of materials

Advantages of baling

  • only way to store larger quantities of waste licensing law
  • cost effective and environmentally safe storage and transport
  • Recyclables is 'Handel and 'tradable'
  • No Aerobic degradation processes
  • strong volume reduction
  • clean
  • dimensionally stable
  • Stockpiles built up , resulting in low space requirement
  • rainproof
  • no spontaneous combustion
  • airtight and odor-proof
  • transportable
  • no heating value loss

Advantages of round bales compared to square bales

  • by the roll-pressing process, the waste is strongly flexed, thus the waste is compacted homogeneous, and the air is pushed out
  • lightweight stack of round bales and easy resume, as may arise between the bales small voids into which you can enter with the bale fork without the bale and the bale damage to neighboring,
  • through the power winding of the bales very stable l, the number of mesh layers can be adapted to the ball weight
  • Round bales have no corners, so that damage is very unlikely
  • no wire bond characterized simple re-opening,
  • no wire binding, no bursting of the bales
  • strong volume reduction of the amount of waste, depending on the material to be packaged to 1/3 to 1/6 of the amount of Input
  • No plugging of the hopper, since the waste is mechanically pulled through the filling channel in the baling chamber

Transport dimension: 40 'Container
Weight: 31to.
Ball Dimension: approximately 1.18 to 1.25 m bale height / width
Ball volume: approximately 1.3 to 1.4 m³
Power: about 35 bales / hour, depending on material and Filling
Bale weight: 600 - 1400 KG / bale, depending on the material
Power connection: 65-125A

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