Round Bottom Manhole



In order to meet out with the increasingly constraining requirements regarding environmental matters COLLINET has developed a brand new program of prefabricated manholes in PE.

  • Manholes in pure not recycled PE, obtained by rotomoulding.
  • High chemical resistance (waste water, aggressive grounds, chemical agents).
  • Mechanical resistance to any test (no risk of cracks following to a landslide).
  • The manhole does not undergo a tension, it has then a very long lifespan.
  • System 100% tight. Special for water table ground.
  • Available in round bottom.   
  • Smooth finished inside in order to ease the outflow and to prevent from sedimentation.
  • Light weight, easy to handle, fast installation (no heavy machines needed on building site).
  • Height starting from 500 mm adjustable to any desired height.
  • Great modularity, all the combinations are possible in order to work out a perfect solution.
  • Planned for pipes of Ø 110 to 630 mm, many possibilities of connections.

Great modular range.
Manholes are composed by assembling the various elements:
round bottom + elevation(s) + reduction cone.

Round bottom Advantages

  • Inlets and outlets are carried out in workshops (plan required).
  • Assembly of the elevation by welding (in workshops).
  • Manholes are ready-to-install.
  • Waterproof guarantee.

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