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The iClean Dog Wash is the original Dog Wash like the hundreds already operating world wide, now improved with a 10 inch touch screen and additional functionality. The clever concept, perfect finish and simple operations make the iClean Dog Wash a very profitable investment.

The iClean Dog Wash is made of polished stainless steel with a 7 program control panel. The start fee for use of the Dog Wash is set to € 7,50 for 10 minutes (this is very easy adjustable), normally this is enough time to wash and dry an average dog. We can program the Dog Wash for any currency in the world.

By the touch screen the operator can very easy switch on and off functionalities; like the Stop button, should stop the time or should it only stop the water/air flow? Do you want grace time and how long? May people use the disinfectant for free after washing to clean the tub and how long? What is the starting free and what does a minute cost? Which languages do you want to show? And many more functions in any easy access menu for the operator.

With each dog wash you get the possibility to get management info via our free iClean Dog Wash App (for this the dog wash should be connected to the internet). With this app you can check for example daily income, setup functions and the level of the shampoo’s.


  • Shampoo
  • Rinse
  • Conditioner
  • Flea shampoo
  • Blow dry low
  • Blow dry high
  • Disinfect tub
The key points of the iClean Dog Wash
  1. Finishing of the product is really beautiful, high standard;
  2. Control cabinet with payment system / management system is state of the art;
  3. The dogs feel very comfortable in the tub, they can see through the door and/or can look over the low side wall;
  4. The spray gun has an on/off button, you do not have to press in it all the time;
  5. Dryer has a heating element for 2 levels and 2 blow-speeds;
  6. No sharp corners or hooks where the dog-owner or the dog can hurt them selves on;
  7. Tub-floor has a very comfortable rubber coating, not slippery at all;
  8. Unique loyalty pre-payment system with the Eurokey;
  9. It's a Rowafil!!

  • Power: 1x230 Volt - 2.2 kW
  • Dimensions 2150 x 600 x 1850H mm
  • Working temperatures -10 to +50 0C

In normal urban areas 30 dogs a week can be expected at the Dog Wash with an average spending of € 9,50 per dog. Projected revenue is € 285.00 per week. Cost price per dog wash is € 0.95 (water / electricity / chemicals). This brings the net income (excluding value write off) around 13.000 Euros per year! Every second washed dog a dog is already profit for you!

Every Dog Wash is delivered including a startup set chemicals 4 x 5 ltr (shampoo, flea shampoo, conditioner and disinfectant).

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