- Single Bar Mower


Rowse Rakes has a wide variety of single bar mowers to suit your needs. 3-Point Mounted Mower. 7' or 9' Bar Lengths. IH or NH style heads.

This trailing single-bar mower requires a 540 RPM tractor PTO shaft and one single acting hydraulic valve to raise and lower the cutter bar. The pitmanless and balanced mower head virtually eliminates excessive vibration and protects against possible damage to the drive line.

  • Quick attach hookup frees your tractor for other needs in minutes.
  • Rugged V-Belt drive and break-away safety release to protect the cutter bar. The bar re-latches automatically and easily when mower is backed up.
  • Cutter bar available in 7' or 9' sizes.
  • For easy transporting and inspecting, the bar is raised to a vertical position hydraulically. The bar may also be lowered hydraulically to below ground level 20° for cutting along ditch banks or terraces.

Tough enough for the big jobs, versatile enough for the corner.

The Rowse 3-Point mounted mower is designed to easily maneuver tight spots, cutting tough crops with ease.

  • Rugged V-Belt drive and a break-away safety release to protect cutter bar
  • Available with your choice of a 7' or 9' cutter bar
  • Bar can be raised to a vertical position or below ground level 20° hydraulically

Tractor requires a 540 RPM PTO shaft and only one single-acting hydraulic valve to raise and lower the cutter bar. The mower attaches to a standard 3-point hitch and fits most ASAE category 1 and 2 tractors.

Your Rowse Mower can be equipped with the New Holland type Pitmanless Mower Head and Cutter Bar. The Pitmanless design with parallel drive motion reduces noise and vibration and eliminates any sickle register adjustment. The design also reduces wear on the cutter bar assembly for trouble-free operation. Tapered roller bearings are located throughout the Pitmanless Drive Head for durability and less maintenance. The sickle runs at 1600 strokes per minute with long strokes between guards. This allows more of the crop to be cut in one stroke while the sickle remains at top shearing speed.

The IH Balanced Mower Head and Cutter Bar features a balanced head designed with just three moving parts, riding on six precision tapered roller bearings. There are no pitmans, gears or connecting rods to cause problems. The balanced head converts speed and power to efficient sickle strokes. The sickle stays sharp longer, and runs at 2,000 strokes per minute for quick cutting action and faster travel through the field.

  • Sickle speed (2 models available) - Pitmanless 1600 SPM, Balanced Head 2000 SPM
  • Hitch requirements - 270 & 290 require a standard drawbar. 730 & 930 require a 3-point hitch, most ASAE Category 1 & 2
  • Mower Drive – 540 PTO, V-belt
  • Drive Bearings – Tapered roller
  • Tractor Hydraulic Requipment – 1 Single acting valve, bar lift
  • Cutter Bar – Safety release, automatic, 42° swingback
  • Cutting Range – 90° above, 20° below
  • Sickle – Heavy underserrated or heavy smooth
  • Guards – Double forged, standard
  • Type of Lift – Hydraulic to vertical position

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