RPS Composites, Inc.

RPS Composites, Inc.

- Model A Series - Piping System



RPS A-series piping is both corrosion and erosion resistant. It is fabricated with the proprietary A-series, erosion/corrosion resistant liner in both the pipe and fittings. A-series has enhanced resistance to erosive slurries and is the standard product used in Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) projects worldwide for over 35 years. It out-performs standard FRP, Rubber Lined Carbon Steel, and Alloy piping in fine particle slurries including limestone, gypsum, & lime).

  • Integral erosion resistant liner
  • Resistant to chlorides and fluorides
  • Sizes from 1' (25mm) to 120' (3.1m) diameter
  • 50 to 150 psi rating
  • Joining with Tapered Adhesive and Butt & Wrap joints
  • U.V. Protected
  • Optional fire retardant resins
  • Good in most services for continuing operation at up to 180F/82C

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