- Model RS150 - Industrial Shredder for Scrap Metal Shredding



The RS150 is the largest UNTHA heavy duty four-shaft shredder and has been developed for especially difficult applications where a high throughput performance, high availability and low maintenance cost are all required. The highlight of this unique innovation is the newly designed UNTHA Eco Drive. The dynamic and energy-efficient drive concept ensures that the cutting inserts are stopped immediately if foreign objects are pushed in so as to prevent the cutting tools from being damaged. Moreover, this drive permits frequent reversal which is particularly necessary when shredding difficult materials like metal.

The throughput performance can always be optimally configured for the material to be shredded with the variable speed setting option for the cutting shafts. In contrast to high-speed systems (asynchronous motors), these machines do not require wearing parts such as couplings, belts or shear pins, which reduces the machine's vulnerability.

The large RS series can also be equipped with additional separating and conveyor technology, customized hoppers and substructures and control expansions. We offer comprehensive solutions from one source!

  • Electric And Electronic Scrap Shredding
    Electric and electronic scrap (e-scrap) contains valuable raw materials. To be able to recover these materials, they have to be reliably shredded, separated and removed. Our e-scrap shredders with the patented UNTHA four-shaft cutting system with a perforated screen is the perfect equipment for e-scrap.
  • Hazardous Waste Shredding
    Shredding is one of the first steps in the disposal of hazardous waste. To reduce contact with hazardous substances, completely reliable industrial shredders are equipped with long service-life cutters. We offer industrial shredders for shredding of hazardous waste, medical waste, batteries, ect.
  • Metal Shredding
    After many years of experience designing specialist cutting systems, our scrap metal shredders and rotor shears can be used for a variety of metal shredding applications.
  • Tire And Rubber Shredding
    Reducing the growing heaps of waste tires is only possible through reconditioning and/or recycling. UNTHA has developed specific cutters for their tire shredders that makes separation of rubber and steel wire possible.

The new RS150 is the largest 4-shaft shredder that UNTHA has manufactured. Designed specifically for extreme applications where operators require very high throughputs, low operating costs and high availability.

The all new UNTHA Eco Drive forms the highlight of this unique and innovative new shredder. The cleverly designed dynamic and energy-saving drive concept can optimise the power consumption whilst ensuring that any stresses on the cutting shafts are constantly monitored. Foreign objects are detected early and the shredder will stop immediately, thus preventing damage to the cutting tools. The UNTHA Eco Drive system is designed to automatically control the cutting speed and torque delivery, whilst allowing the cutters to frequently reverse without damaging the machine. This is particularly useful when shredding problematical materials, with high torque requirements. Using the infinitely adjustable cutting speed and torque delivery system the shredding output rate can be optimised depending on the material being shredded. This new simpler drive system works without couplings, fly wheels or shear pins and is therefore more reliable and less prone to mechanical failure.

Increased process uptime, lower energy consumption with easy maintenance all go together to make the UNTHA RS150 a world leader in its class. If you have a difficult material to shred then this machine should be on your shopping list.

The material is drawn into the main cutters (1) and both pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single pass. Material that does not pass through the screen (2) is transferred to the secondary cutters (3). The secondary cutters then transport the material back into the cutting chamber for re-shredding. The final granule size is defined by the screen diameter.

  • Non-ferrous scrap metal: sections, sheet metal, casings, aluminium rims, tubes ...
  • Electronic WEEE scrap: large and small appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic tools, cooling units and refrigerators ...
  • Hazardous waste: filled metal drums and IBCs, radioactive waste, workshop waste, batteries, hybrid cells, hospital waste ...
  • Tyres: cars, trucks, buses, agricultural machines, construction machines, air planes ...
  • Cables: copper, aluminium
  • Tough applications: spring mattresses, rope shredding, pulper ropes, GoreTex rolls, thaws, FIBC’s, carpets ...

Dynamic and energy-saving drive concept thanks to UNTHA Torque Drive

  • Optimum protection of the cutting tools
  • Variable speed optimisation with full torque achievable from 0 rev/min
  • Infinite number of reverse operations without damage
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • No wear parts (no couplings, belts, shear bolts…)

Rugged and economic cutting system

  • Large cutting discs with integral collar (A)
  • Interchargeable main and secondary cutting discs
  • Dynamic cutting disk pre-tensioning system (B)
  • Cutting shaft ventilation for self-cleaning purposes (C)
  • Low-wear screen (D) in HARDOX design

Break-proof machine design

  • Rigid machine frame (E) fabricated using large special-section steel tubes
  • Robust ribbed design of the cutting system housing (F)
  • Hopper (G) in double-walled design
  • Protected components (motors, electric system…) due to sheet steel housing

Special bearings and shaft sealings

  • High-quality bearings
  • Three bearings (H) for each cutting shaft
  • Multi-stage sealing system
  • Integrated and easy-to-exchange bearing stiffener walls (I)
  • Bearing stiffener walls including wear plates

Ease of maintenance

  • All machine components are easily accessible
  • Fully automatic central lubrication system
  • Integrated quick change screen system (J)
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • UNTHA remote diagnosis via modem

Easy to use control systems

  • SRC(E)1 operating panel with integrated industrial PC (K) and 15' touch screen
  • Mobile control column (L)
  • Various pre-installed programmes for diverse applications
  • Integrated and interactive operating instructions
  • Display of all essential operating states (current consumption, motor
  • temperature…)
  • Programmable operating parameters
  • Fault indication including troubleshooting

Low noise and dust generation

  • Due to UNTHA Torque Drive
  • Due to low-speed cutting shafts

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