RTI Cryogenics Inc.

RTI Cryogenics Inc.

- Primary Tire Recycling


RTI’s first turnkey solution is a Primary cryogenic tire recycling system, which can be a standalone tire recycling system. An RTI Primary system produces 99.9% pure rubber crumb up to 30- mesh.

The whole tire is shredded and then granulated to approximately 1/2″ size.  The shred is conveyed to a 53 ft. long Freeze Chamber where it is pre-cooled as it enters from an air lock on the front end and conveyed to the back end.  At the back end, liquid nitrogen is applied to the shred which freezes the rubber shred past its glass transition temperature of approximately -80° C .  The frozen rubber shred is then pulverized in our Hammer Mills which have a very high hammer tip speed.

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