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- Model BFR - Rubber Belt Filter



The BHS rubber belt filter (type BFR) is a continuously operating, horizontal vacuum belt filter used for the efficient separation of sedimenting (incl. abrasive) solids. The individual filtrates are kept entirely separate to avoid cross-contamination. An endless filter cloth with a continuous movement serves as the filter medium. A rubber belt is used to support the filter medium. The rubber belt is provided with milled grooves for filtrate discharge; it runs on a roller conveyor and on wearing and sealing belts over a stationary vacuum box, where the filtrates are collected and discharged. The filter cake forms on top of the belt and can undergo further treatment by washing (co-current or counter-current), steaming, extraction or vacuum drying. The wash filtrates can be recovered individually from each process step and further processed without any cross-contamination. The belt filter discharges the filter cake at the discharge roller. The cloth is cleaned as the belt travels back.

Besides the standard open-frame design, we can offer the following optional versions of the vacuum belt filter:

  • Closed hood over the entire filter
  • Materials for special applications
  • ATEX design

Process Criteria

  • Operating pressure  vacuum
  • Operating temperature  up to 90°C
  • Solids content (suspension)  up to 60 % (by weight)
  • Cake thickness  up to 80 mm
  • Grain size  10 - 500 μm
  • Filter output - suspension  up to 15 m³/m² h
  • Filter output - dry solids  up to 5,000 kg/m² h
  • Active filter surface  6 - 162 m²

  • Continuous, fully automatic operation
  • High throughput rates
  • Efficient use of consumables
  • Robust construction

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