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Rubber Water Tanks


Giant Rubber Water Tanks is your most cost effective, efficient and carbon footprint friendly way of dealing with your scrap tire waste. Not only does our method benefit you but it provides sustainable watering systems for the agricultural community as well. The practice of using watering troughs instead of natural bodies of water to hydrate livestock keeps natural water bodies clean and better meets the watering needs of the livestock. Rarely can such a win-win situation be found at such an economical value.

Ranging in size from 6 to 13 feet in diameter, these troughs can hold from 200 - 1800 gallons and can be custom cut to almost any height and are made from recycled open-pit haul truck and loader tires. Unfortunate circumstances that would destroy other troughs (freezing, fighting bulls, equipment intervention, target practice, etc.) don't make a dent in these sturdy investments. All this adds up to significant time and replacement cost savings for you.

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